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Future Track Edutech Private Limited (Future Track) was incorporated in 2009. Since 2007, before its incorporation as a private limited company, Future track, through its education campuses, has been providing coaching to Actuarial Science aspirants. Since its incorporation, Future Track has expanded its portfolio to include professional training, recruitment services and online matrimonial services for the Actuarial industry.

Future Track understands the soul of the Actuarial industry. We have aligned our business practices to our larger objective of being a premier catalyst in the Actuarial industry globally. We wish to be a global conglomerate, dedicated to the Actuarial profession, but with clear focus on each of the business.

We are emotionally engaged with the Actuarial profession and our passion inspires us towards sustainable value creation for our customers. We follow the highest level of professionalism and maintain integrity in all our operations and actions. This approach remains embedded in our ethos even as we rapidly expand our footprints deeper into global Actuarial market.
Future Track aim to achieve profitable, sustainable and inclusive growth with four means/levers
  • Dedication - We work with a single-minded focus on the Actuarial industry. We do not pursue every opportunity that may present itself but focus our efforts towards sustainable value creation in the Actuarial industry.
  • Proactive Innovation - Our team constantly work towards developing break-through products and services for the Actuarial industry and to improve quality, performance and competitiveness. We encourage innovation by breaking-down silos, supporting exchange of ideas and flexibility in roles and functions.
  • Teamwork - We create an environment of synergy by aligning our functions, businesses, and trading partners, with a common vision. By mobilizing diverse competencies, knowledge and perspectives and by imbibing the spirit of "thinking together" we foster mutual growth for our internal and external customers.
  • Customer Focus - We respond to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. We are on our toes, rethinking every business process, product and service from the perspective of the customer - so as to exceed expectations at every touch point.

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