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In 2007, Future Track was born with a vision to become India’s leading training institute for aspiring Actuaries. We opened our first two coaching campuses in Delhi in 2007 and added another campus in Mumbai by 2008. Through our campuses, we have guided over 1000 Actuaries to success and plan to double this number with campuses in various metropolitan cities by 2018.

Since 2012 Future track has also been an active training partner of various companies employing Actuaries, providing them assistance in the entire training process from strategic assessment to learning administration.

Our Classes

Subject – based Training – We provide coaching for all CP exams of Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK (IFOA). We are the market leader in CT exam training with a success rate of 100%. Our faculty is domain experts in CP subjects with over 11 years of actuarial coaching experience. Our head faculty, Mr. Rakesh Gupta, is also the career ambassador for IFOA.

Software – Training – With MS Excel, VBA, SQL, MS Access,R and SAS training modules, our technical software programs bridges the gap between Actuarial theory and application. We strive to make our students, industry – ready and employable by providing them with the technical knowledge essential to begin their career. Through our technical labs we provide training for:

  1. MS Excel: Basic and Advanced
  2. VBA: Basic and Advanced
  3. SQL: Basic and Advanced
  4. MS Access: Basic and Advanced
  5. SAS : Basic and Modelling
  6. R: Basic and Advanced

ACET Coaching – “Actuarial Common Entrance Test” (ACET) is applicable to those who plan to enroll as student members of IAI and wish to take Actuarial examinations from the IAI. Through our comprehensive ACET Coaching Series, we help students take this first step towards a successful actuarial career.

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