Actuarial Placement

” Opportunities are like buses, There’s always another one Coming.”

We are India’s first recruitment company dedicated solely to the Actuarial science profession. Our team of expert recruiters helps applicants discover traditional and non-traditional Actuarial jobs that match their career goals. If you are an employer seeking Actuaries, we deliver focused solutions to your recruitment needs, providing right candidate-organization fit.

Better candidates lead to better employees thus we not only connect our clients with a prospective employee but also help the client to assess the competence of the applicant through our various assessment tools.

We are also the preferred training partner of various companies in the Actuarial industry, providing assistance in the entire process from strategic assessment to learning administration. Since 2012, our learning solutions have helped organization across India to develop and nurture their Actuaries, which enabled improved retention and customer service for our clients.

Our Approach

We provide training to fresh talent through special placement classes, upgrading about current interviewing scenarios, nurturing every candidate by personally interviewing them and polishing soft skills.

  • We provide Corporate Training Services.
  • We have strong experience in recruiting Actuaries across industry, roles and, levels.
  • We engineer the right strategy to propel your career in Actuarial.
  • Multidimensional activities to enhance, update and to bring out the best in you.
  • Pre-Hire Assessment Services.
  • Trusted recruitment advice from experienced.

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