” Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. “

We are providing training services to corporates(Aon Hewitt,Reliance,Bajaj Allianz,AXA Indonesia) for the past 8 years and the efforts have been well received in the Actuarial world. We work with our customers to transform business performance by developing the knowledge, skills, and attitude of their people. We support our clients with a full complement of Actuarial Training Services covering the complete CT series, SAS and MS Excel training. Each aspect of our training process, from curriculum design to content development to learning administration, is customized to best suite the needs of our clients.

Through our services, we can take on the heavy lifting for clients so that their internal teams can focus on excellence in the work that is critical to do internally (e.g. business alignment). We have structured our practices so that each practice remains focused on what matters most – driving value; while also providing the benefits of top-notched managed services – scalability, process excellence, continual improvement, and cost efficiency.

Our singular focus on every aspect of the Actuarial discipline gives us an edge over other training providers in terms of domain expertise and a comprehensive training program. Our trainers are actively involved in the industry and are regular conference attendees. Our dedicated training efforts have helped the trainees to become more confident, motivated, and committed to their jobs. Those who attend our training sessions are able to clear their Actuarial exams faster and gain deeper insight into the industry, thus enhancing their knowledge base and simultaneously providing improved services to their clients. Thus, our clients benefit not only from improved employee retention but better client satisfaction.

If you are an employer and wish to know more about our Corporate Training Program please send us a mail (info@futuretrack.org).

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