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7  Tips To Master Actuarial Exams

As a student, this question must have crossed your mind a lot of times; How do I crack those exams? 


The most common tip that everyone gives you is to just study hard.  But that’s not what you’re looking for. What you need right now is something that can help you specifically with your Actuarial Exams. Isn’t that right? If it’s a “yes’, you’re on the right page.

Actuarial Exams

The trick for excelling in any test or in this context for excelling in Actuarial Science is to work smart, not hard. Then again, it’s easier said than done!     

To make things easier for you, we have curated the most effective tips, directly from the masters of Actuarial Science to help you ace those exams. 

  TIP#1;  Say no to the Calculator

Using a Calculator might seem like something to save time but; NO! In reality, a Calculator only becomes tedious, specifically when there’s a crunch of time. 

Don't Use Calculator

When it comes to your calculations, try depending more on visual comparison of terms rather than punching digits after every minute. This way you can save a huge amount of time and energy.

TIP#2;  Take up the formulas in the end. 

Like they say, practice makes a man perfect. That’s how you’ll get those formulas too. If you increase the number of practice problems in your study time, slowly your familiarity with implying formulas will increase. This way, you will save your precious time and can deal with tricky formulas right in the end.

TIP#3; Jot down the formulas, once and for all. 

We know how annoying it can be to flip pages every time you need a formula (which is pretty often). This is why we say that it will be much easier to merge all the formulas in one place rather than always flipping the pages.

memorizing formulas

In fact, even memorizing formulas gets easy if you keep writing down these formulas. You might as well end up finding some relevant patterns.

TIP#4; A list of questions for the day, goes a long way. 

Plan your day wisely. Prepare a list of questions to be done during the day. This will gear you up for the day’s studies as well as make your day a lot more productive. 

Now,  no more feeling; ” oh, what a waste. ” before bed. Instead, you’d be savoring the feeling of crossing those questions one by one. 

TIP#5; Take a break from lengthy and complex topics. 

At times no matter how much effort you put in, you just helplessly run out of preparation time. In such a situation, avoid topics and doubts which are really time-consuming. Instead of that, utilize this time in perfecting what you know. However, this option is only for the worst case scenario. 


TIP#6; Don’t leave the odd ones out! 


The trick here is to keep on practicing a little bit that you learnt before. The only reason for this is so that you don’t keep on going ahead, forgetting everything you had learnt before. 

Doesn’t sound good, does it? This is why, we say that don’t give up on the odd. Practice everything while learning it all.

Take practice exams under strict conditions. You can easily find different types of study materials online and many times in exam manuals of diverse questions and difficulties.

It will be a really good practice exam if you can time yourself while taking these exams and stay away from any sort of distraction.

TIP#7; Go according to a Schedule. 


Old school, but true! Make a schedule and stick to it. Don’t overload yourself during the last days of your exam. Develop a habit of studying at least two hours a day. 

Make a list of problems and doubts you want to solve in a day, this will help you in keeping a track of your total progress and will act as a motivation booster as you slowly cross the questions and topic out.

Time to get rid of all the stress! 

It is only normal to feel some level of stress while preparing for the Actuarial exam.

Sometimes exam stress can leave you anxious, tense, and unhappy which affects your overall productivity. Which is why we have also included some tips to replenish your mind and get you back on the track.

Stress Burst
Time for a Break



As we have discussed earlier the key here is to study smart not hard, study breaks help you to reduce stress levels and also acts as a boost for your motivation.



Avoid stress eating. I know eating junk food when you are stressed seems very tempting but it’s not good for a longer run. Instead shift to exercise and do some physical activities during your breaks. Meditation every once in a while can do wonders.

Healthy Eating


Preparing for the actuarial exam does not have to be stressful if you study smart. Proper guidance and follow up generally do the trick.  Reach out to a good coaching like Future Track, where you can find teachers who can help you to unlock your full potential and knock the exam fear right out of the window.

Till then all the best future Actuary!!

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