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Machine Learning 

 Looks like a dream! Living in a world where machines and Humans are working together to accomplish tasks that couldn’t have even been fathomed thirty years from now. Who knew, what we saw in the Hollywood films, Science Fiction Novels and TV shows, would someday become a beautiful reality of our daily lives. Let’s be honest we all want our own little R2-D2 and WALL-E!!

Machine Learning

Maybe, sometimes we do fear the drastic change of our world, living a life that we used to know as a fiction series once. But, no matter what,machines have made it possible for us to have a device in our hand and visit this blog that otherwise would have been elusive. 

machine learning

 I am not saying that you will get to have your own personal Jarvis or after some years we’ll have Robo cops parading up and down our streets. All I’m trying to tell is that if we use Machine learning in a responsible way, we can create a future that our ancestors could only dream of. On this thrilling note let me take you through the life of Machine learning and how it will lead to a better future for us. 

What Is Machine Learning?

Let’s start small first. Machine learning is the process of getting the computer to learn and become more intelligent and self sufficient. Pretty enticing,right?! 

Machine learning is often used to find and determine certain patterns which contain massive  data and then design certain sets of algorithms according to which huge amount of data can be analyzed. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning generally delivers faster and more accurate results. However, combining Machine learning with AI is a deadly combination which is even more effective when it comes to processing large chunks of information. So, as long as we use Machine learning smartly, we can use it to make our lives easier, unless we use it foolishly and turn our lives into a nightmare. 

Everyday Use Of Machine Learning

Living in the 21st Century, not making use of Machine learning is just like having a smartphone and not being smart ourselves. As amusing as it is, we actually are using Machine Learning in our day-to-day life more than ever without even having any knowledge about it. For instance, I for one cannot step out of the house without Google Maps guiding me or Google assistant putting up a reminder of all that I need to buy or Alexa turning my lights off and the list is endless.  There are many more implications of machine learning about which people are unaware:


  This is the most common and basic use of machine learning. It deals with identifying people, objects, places and digital images. The most frequent use of machine learning is Automatic friend tagging suggestion; this feature is how Facebook works on face detection.

Image Recognition


  There is no need to act all awkward and scared now, if you are unaware about how to communicate while visiting a place of someone else’s mother tongue, France perhaps. Don’t worry at all! Google’s GNMT (Google’s Neural Machine Translation) got you covered. Basically it translates any given text or speech and language to your mother tongue. It’s also called automatic translation.

Language Translation


 No No No, I do not mean Jarvis! However, I won’t underestimate Cortana, Siri and Alexa that fit the role of smart assistance from machines perfectly for now. They work using voice commands and using algorithms, responding accordingly. 

Virtual Assistant


Marketing strategies heavily make use of Machine Learning. They do this by recommending searched products on Amazon in the same browser, Google understands the user’s interest through data algorithms and keeps on suggesting similar products to the user. Similar function takes place when we are using OTT platforms when Google recommends us Films and Tv shows based on our Google search or by analyzing our taste through Netflix search history. 

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Google maps have saved us countless times from getting lost or helped us choose a better route preventing us from getting stuck in traffic. Machine learning predicts traffic for us by figuring our current location first and running that data with previously stored information and giving an average time from the past days.

Predicting Traffic

Machine Learning’s contribution to Actuarial Science 

Talking about smartness in machines and not mentioning about one of the smartest professions; Actuarial. Science! How can that be possible?! With rapidly growing development in Machine learning there are certain ways in which Machine learning has a deep impact in the field of Actuarial Science. Let’s see how a professional that tells about the future and the machines that are the future interact with each other. 

AI and Actuarial Science

First of all, let’s bust a myth. Machine learning won’t be able to take the place of people when it comes to the work of Actuaries, but it should be seen as a way towards making the work of Actuaries more convenient and efficient.  Nevertheless as we have discussed earlier, Machine learning is a process where a computer learns to respond to a situation just as a human would do. To add on, Machine learning has only increased the ability to reach a much wider audience, with much more information and responsibility coming in. Actuaries will only advance by improving their skills gradually with the help of Machine Learning, thus it’s more important to look at the relationship between Machine Learning and Actuaries as how both of them could improve through time. 


 Now we can say that we are not living in the wild west, where soon humans will be hunted down by machines. In fact, we use them almost every day in every small errand that we need to do. No matter which field of study you choose, Machine Learning has already made a huge impact on how things work. 

The level of dependency  we have on machines is nothing new to address and will be going a lot more as time passes. Which is why, I would suggest that sit back and enjoy the ride with machines. Oh yes, not to forget, keep patiently waiting for your own R2-D2 with your fingers crossed while Google becomes smarter every minute. 

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